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Sponsor an event Endeavour 2016 of KIET Ghaziabad

by Avnish Kumar | Feb 10th, 2016 | 1 Comments | 2 Shares | Tags : 7th Solution ENDEAVOUR 2016

As Entrepreneurs, this time we are going to sponsor annual Techno-Entrepreneurial Summit event Endeavour 2016 of Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology. There we will sponsor a quiz competition B-Noises. As we know that in our busy schedule young don’t have the time to go for a startup. By sponsoring this event, 7th solution tries to support young college student to be a startup Entrepreneur. In this event many co- events are organized as co-operate event, technical event and fun event too. The Endeavour was first held in 2015 year. This time it is organizing again in Feb 2016 and we feel honored that we are sponsoring Endeavour'16. In the busy schedule we are leaving our co-operation, technical and fun looks somewhere. To reconcile that, this event was organized. As many as participants participate in it and got excited prizes. As many companies came there for sponsoring. So some companies decided to give many prizes to the winners. The quiz is a mind game as we all know, but it is also used for gaining as much as knowledge we can and also as much as fun as we can. And this is the time to gain knowledge by doing a lot of fun. Because knowledge is that thing which can increase as much as we would spend it. We are here only to support the skill and innovative India with this small step toward it.

It’s good for us and pleasure to us that they thought we are eligible for this and we are thankful to them. We gave our great wishes to them and hope that more and more students would participate in Endeavour’16 and wins as many prizes as they can.

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